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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

Worship into the Week- Follow

Worship into the Week- Matthew 4: 12-22 Jesus Begins His Ministry
John has been arrested  and Jesus withdraws into Galilee. He leaves Nazareth  and goes to Capernaum. The Sea of Galilee at Capernaum
He lives as a great light in the darkness. He begins to preach- "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." He calls Peter and Andrew, the fishermen,   to follow him. They respond immediately. He calls James and John.  Immediately they left their boat and  followed HIM.
Story started- without an introduction.  What an ultimate life-changing  event for a group of people. The life before and the life after.... Lord, mend my ways to see you  in the call of my daily life. May I set aside my agenda  and as the Spirit moves... follow. 
Supplies: Visual Faith Church Year Printable
childrens-bulletin-matthew-416-12620 Watercolors Water paintbrush Washi tape Junk Mail Magazine cutouts

Old Jaffa- Israel Pilgrimage

Old City Jaffa is today a part of Tel Aviv  on the Mediterranean Coast. Some things here don't seem like city life  as you walk along the streets. Some things show the patina of age. In our six trips to Israel this 
was the first time we had the time frame 
to get out and walk the streets of Old Jaffa. (Joppa in the New Testament)
St. Peter's Catholic Church was constructed 
in its present location because of the significance
 that Jaffa has to Christianity. 
It is located on a hill near the shore
 to serve as a beacon to pilgrims 
that the Holy Land is near. 
The church was built in 1654 
over a medieval citadel 
that was erected by Frederick I
 and restored by Louis IX of France
 at the beginning of the 13th century.
In the late 18th century the church
 was twice destroyed and then twice rebuilt. 
The current structure was built between 
1888-1894 and most recently renovated in 1903. The House of Simon the Tanner- who hosted Peter. This is where Peter raised Tabitha from the dead  and saw his famous v…

Visual Faith- Holy Land Journaling

A recent trip to Israel allowed some time  for journaling and connecting  to the Scriptures that match  the geography of the journey.  This is the story of the healing of the man  at the Pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem. Writing Scripture and praying for God  to work in my heart through these words.   The demon possessed man  in the land of the Gerasenes. The blind man healed in Jericho. The calling of the disciples at Lake Gennesaret. The miracle of water into wine at Cana.
Reading the story right  WHERE IT HAPPENED-  "in the vicinity of".... To see what the connecting dots  are that help make sense of simple words. Resting in the place of setting, moving through a timeline, to see the outline. And answer the question-  what does it mean for me?
Supplies: Colored pencils Fine-Point Sharpie pen Washi tape NIV Noteworthy New Testament  (2008 Zondervan- 
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Worship into the Week- Messiah

Worship into the Week-  John 1: 29-42 Behold the Lamb of God Jesus Calls the First Disciples
John the Baptist continues to bear witness  that Jesus is the Christ.  He tells others what he has seen and heard. This is the Son of God. He saw the Spirit descend and remain on Jesus.
Then he begins the transition 
of his own followers to Jesus.
This results in two disciples who 
stop following John and start following Jesus. v. 37
John begins to fade from the scene.
He has fulfilled his calling.
Messiah- which means Christ,
begins to gather those
 for the ministry purpose before them.

Visual Faith Ministry printable
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Magazine cutouts
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Fine-point permanent Sharpie

Tel Shiloh- 2

Shiloh was the ancient city in Samaria  from the Old Testament and located today  in the West Bank- 10 miles north of Bethel. Shiloh was the major Israelite worship center  before the first Temple was built in Jerusalem.

Long before the advent of the Israelites,  Shiloh was a walled city with a religious shrine or sanctuary  during Middle and Late  Bronze Age Canaan. When the Israelites arrived in the land,  they set up there the ancient wilderness tent shrine.  There Joshua and  Eleazar divided the land among the tribes who had not yet received their allocation  Joshua 18:1-10.  and dealt with the allocation of cities  to the Levites- Joshua 21:1-8. Subsequently, Shiloh became one of the leading  religious shrines in ancient Israel,  a status it held until shortly  before David's elevation of  Jerusalem.
(photo from The Holy Land by John Beck)
Shiloh is connected to the stories  of Joshua, Hannah, Samuel and Eli. Though it might be challenging to picture  this from the ruins today, it was a significan…

Tel Shiloh- Hannah's Prayer

There is much to see at Tel Shiloh. But, some of the things we had heard about--- like a replica of the Tabernacle were not there on this   overcast and sometimes rainy, Winter day. There are a couple of proposed sites]  for the layout of the Tabernacle. Here is one that fits the dimensions-  with more recent ruins on the site.  The lands around Tel Shiloh are  beautiful vineyards and terraced olive groves. Another post will tell more about this site- today I have been reflecting on Hannah's Prayer. It is LIFE SUNDAY today-Jan 19, 2020-  in many of our Lutheran Churches. Marches have happened in  various places in the United States. So this is my focus today... Reflection: 1 Samuel 1:1-2:11
The heartbreak of the childless Hanna.  She came to the temple of the Lord in Shiloh to pray. She vowed to the Lord that if he  granted her request of a son  she would give him to the Lord all the days of his life. Eli thought she had been drinking and questioned her. But she replied that she was "troubled in spir…

Mount Arbel- Israel Pilgrimage

Mount Arbel-  from Nof Ginnosaur- in the Galilee (January 2014)  I have wanted to drive up to the  top of this mountain ever since then. Here is the story for this adventure: Part One. We have WAZE on the car.  Amy speaks to us in English, but you have to add the site in Hebrew. We got to many places  that were NOT Mount Arbel. We finally arrived at 3:10 pm  and the guard at the gate said-  "We are closed." "But, the webpage said you are open till 4 pm." "Yes, but that is now for you." "Come back tomorrow." And he took the goats down the road. So we went to look at the synagogue.

 We looked at the nearby cliffs, and thought about the people  that worshiped here long ago. Part Two. Since we didn't really know  how we got there the first time,  we attempted to drop imaginary bread crumbs  to find it the second time. We arrived about 10 am and hiked to the top. This was my long awaited view of the Sea of Galilee  from the top of Mount Arbel.  A peak over the edge. "Anoth…