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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

Worship into the Week-Witnesses

Worship into the Week-
 Matthew 11: 2-15
Messengers from John the Baptist

John had heard about Jesus- the Christ,
while he was in prison
 and sent his disciples to ask if Jesus was "the one."
Jesus responds by telling those
 who had been with him-
 to tell John about what they had seen and heard.
They were witnesses,
they knew.
But, Jesus may not have seemed like
the Messiah.
The expectation was different
 than who arrived to fill the role.
In this moment Jesus speaks highly of John
and highlights the job 
of the one who came before.

Lord, help me to see the ways 
that I can be Your witness
 in each and every day. Amen. 

(This reading had me remembering 
childhood conversations about what we would
 fear the most- going blind, deaf,
 getting a bad disease or that we can't walk.
Now, I think about these things with being much older,
 and simply must cling in trust to my Jesus.
In the end- Jesus heals all things.)

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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

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