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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

40 Year Anniversary

40 Years.
 Fort years since my first husband - 
Larry James Martin died.
Dec. 26, 1979.
Somehow I couldn't post yesterday.
Peace has certainly filled my life in the later years.
Nothing prepares you for losing
 your spouse so young.
 I was 24.
Tragic- yes.
But, in the aftermath of God's design- 
He brought restoration.
Beyond my wildest imagination.
 I saw a nephew a couple of weeks ago
 at my mother- in- law's funeral.
That was a treasured hug and a gift.
 A whole family.
 That I still love.
Nieces and nephews and all the in-laws.
Still in my prayers-
  Lord, may you would work your mighty ways
 into all their lives - 
with blessings beyond imagination.
With the great hope of eternal reunion with 
ALL of my family, because of your son- Jesus.


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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

I have debated whether  to share the journey of Lent 2020. Seems like so much has been  shifted in our world right now. But, I am learning that in these very fragile days,  it is precisely what these practices  have offered in community-  that have become reassurance and "saving grace." So I will go ahead and share the Visual Journey  of processing with the book-When From Death I'm Free. This was the joint effort of author Justin Rossow  and Visual Faith Coach Valerie Matyas. She rounded up talented artists  to add to the visual resources
 that tie together hymn studies  of both traditional hymns  and contemporary hymns by Kip Fox.
The book incorporates Visual Faith prayer practices
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