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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

Worship into the Week- O Give Thanks

Worship into the Week-  Thanksgiving Day Luke 17: 11-19
Jesus Cleanses 10 Lepers
On the way to Jerusalem.
In that place called Samaria.
The unclean made clean.
We are all unclean.
We might think we would 
have been the one to return. But, day in and day out- we forget to give thanks. What am I thankful for? So many things..... I have to keep a daily list. Because I forget..... just like that leper. Thankful that Jesus has mercy on me. Every Day. All Day. And Tomorrow.
Supplies: Visual Church Year Printable
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Worship into the Week- Christ the King

Worship into the Week-  Luke 23: 27-42
Christ the Ling Sunday  Last Sunday of the Church Year
Truly, I say to you,  today you will be  with me in Paradise."
More hope for today's world  than we can understand  with our human capabilities. Our lives are transformed  because this changes everything. Yes, Jesus died on the cross for me-redemption. But, He also rose again- and transformed both my earthly life  and my heavenly promise. We must never stop telling the truth  of what Jesus has done for EACH of US.
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LCEF Leadership Conference

Things in Texas are well-  Texas style. At the Marriott Marquis downtown.
Right across from Minute Maid stadium.
For the Nationals fans-
 we didn't win here- but we did win it all. I don't know too much about football,  but this Heisman Trophy winner was humble and moving.  The Leadership Conference always  has great and inspiring speakers. Kechi, an AGT Golden Buzzer standout  was super.  Then as we moved into the lobby,  we were standing right by Kechi and her mom. We were able to visit a minute  and offer a prayer of blessing over them. Saturday evening was a fun experience  to see the Houston Zoo lights. Good to be together  and see family and friends. Serving together in the Kingdom. Tim Tebow is a great story teller and presenter. Encouraging to live with a Big God. Once again -  a blessing to be present at the  Lutheran Church Extension Fund-  Leadership Conference.

Worship into the Week- The Word Endures

Worship into the Week- Luke 21:5-28 Jesus Foretells Destruction of the Temple Jesus Foretells Wars and Persecution Jesus Foretells Destruction of Jerusalem The Coming of the Son of Man These readings are hard to go through- challenging, scary, and pointing  to a really challenging future. If not in our own generation,  these predictions  shadow one to come. "And then they will see the Son of Man  coming in a cloud  with power and great glory.  Now when there things begin to take place,  straighten up and raise your heads,  because your redemption is drawing near." Hope returns. Seeing Beyond what is right in front of me. Added a tip-in because it goes along  with the next section of Scripture- The Lesson of the Fig Tree. v. 31-"Truly, I say to you, this generation  will not pass away until all has taken place.  Heaven and earth will pass away, 
but my words will not pass away."  Found a section of a Lutheran Witness article  that connected these 2 sections with a bit of history. We rest on our B…

Galveston,Texas Takes

Some great seafood in T exas on Galveston Island. Fun antique shops to poke around in too. The one shop had interesting pieces  of memorabilia history.  There was a prostitution license issued to Rosita  for $2.50 and sign by Marshall Wyatt Earp. He issued multiple documents in 1876. There are cool old buildings on  The Strand in Galveston.
We had fun waving to all the cruisers on this  Carnival cruise ship headed out on a journey.
We also got a glimpse of Tall Ship Elissa. Quite the contrast at almost the same pier  for sailing on the ocean a century and half apart. Galveston Historical Foundation brought ELISSA,
 an 1877 square-rigged iron barque, 
from a scrapyard in Piraeus Harbor, Greece 
to Galveston to begin restoration work in 1978.
 By 1982, GHF staff and volunteers completed restoration 
and transformed this rare, historic vessel into a floating museum 
that would actively sail. Today, the 1877 Tall Ship ELISSA 
is one of only three ships of her kind in the world
 to still actively sail and welco…

The Bishop's Palace- Galveston, Texas

The Bishop's Palace- also known as Gresham's Castle, is an ornate 19,082 square feet Victorian-style house,  located on Broadway and 14th Street
in the East End Historic District of Galveston, Texas.  The Gresham mansion was made all of stone,  and was sturdy enough to withstand the great hurricane of 1900. The Greshams welcomed hundreds of survivors  of the hurricane into their home. The house was built between 1887 and 1893  by Galveston architect  Nicholas J. Clayton  for lawyer and politician  Walter Grisham, his wife Josephine,  and their nine children.  In 1923 the Roman Catholic Diocese of Galveston  purchased the house situated across the street  from the Sacred Heart Church.  It served as the residence for Bishop Christopher E. Byrne.  After the diocesan offices were moved to Houston,  the diocese opened the mansion to the public in 1963. The home is estimated to have cost $250,000 at the time, today its value is estimated at over $5.5 million. The house is owned by the Galveston Historic…

Sacred Heart Church- Galveston, Texas

Sacred Heart Church in Galveston, Texas on a beautiful November day.
This is the current structure on the site. The Sacred Heart Parish was established on June 21, 1884  when a division was due to the growth of population of Galveston  and the east end of the city was assigned to the new parish.  Initially the parish held Mass in the  St. Mary's University Chapel until 1892.
On January 17, 1892 a new structure was dedicated.  The new church was the largest in Texas at the time.  The new church designed by architect Nicholas Clayton  was very ornate and in a French Romanesque style.  The life of this beautiful church building  was short-lived as on September 8, 1900,  Galveston was hit by a devastating hurricane  and demolished the building.             The parish immediately set upon building a new church building 
and the current building was built. The present church building  was designed by a Jesuit brother Name Jimenez  with the corner stone laid on June 21, 1903  by Bishop Gallagher and the chur…

Worship in the Week- Hope NOW

Worship into the Week- HOPE NOW Luke 20: 27-40
Jesus for the next Generation  and the next Generation. Christ is the HOPE NOW.
The Sadducees had come to Jesus  with a question about the resurrection. Basically about who is married  to whom at the time of the resurrection. But, it was a trick question,  since they didn't believe in the resurrection. Jesus said,  "Now he is not God of the dead,  but of the living, for all live to him." This week my dear mother-in-law- Florene Denninger died at the age of 99, on November 12, 2019. Half a year short of her century birthday celebration. Now she rejoices in heaven,  because we  DO BELIEVE IN THE RESURRECTION. I give thanks for faith of loved ones  from one generation to the next.  We lift up the hope of the Resurrection,  because Jesus LIVES. Alleluia! Supplies: Visual Church Year Printable
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Illuminated Bible

The Lifeway Christian Bookstore  closed near us recently.  There are no more Christian bookstores  in my normal driving radius anymore. Bibles went on sale  and I looked at many that interested me. But, this beautiful one was  the one that came home with me. The Illuminated Bible-  English Standard Version, Art Journaling Edition. As I sat down to read a section today,  I came to one of my favorite verses. Mark 8:36. The pages are just beautiful. Not really sure if I will add  art processing in this Bible. It is beautiful just the way it is--  will have to see.
That makes me think 
of a favorite song by Toby Mac-

"Lose My Soul"
(feat. Kirk Franklin, Mandisa)

Man I wanna tell y'all something, man.
Man I'm not gon' let these material things get in my way, y'all.
I'm tryna get somewhere.
I'm tryna get somewhere,
That's real and pure and true and eternal.

Toby, can you go with your boy
Let's go!

Father God, I am clay in your hands,
Help me to stay that way through all life'…

Worship into the Week- Blessed

Worship into the Week- Matthew 5: 1-12
The Sermon on the Mount5 Seeing the crowds, he went up on the mountain, 
and when he sat down, his disciples came to him. The Beatitudes2 And he opened his mouth and taught them, saying: 3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4 “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. 5 “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. 6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
 for they shall be satisfied. 7 “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. 8

Scripture Doodles- October

Scripture Doodles for October Portals of Prayer Devotions One Word or Phrase Take Away for each day 4 Colored Pencils The Story of a Devotional Life in Visual Format.
Supplies: Calendar from Concordia Publishing House Portals of Prayer  Devotions
written this month by James Meyer of Shawano, Wisconsin.