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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

Halloween Fun

-photos by Kathy Meier Some Neighborhood fun for Halloween before the high winds and rain  dove across the region. Having out this week  with the Meier rents. Cat in the Hat and Mr. Packer Clay Matthews Mr. NATS World Series  and a Vintage Pumpkin Queen. (Actually resurrected from 30 years ago)
cutest little skunk ever
some of the ornery Ann Arbor crew 
Little Miss Pumpkin-
surrounded by the crew.
a little bit of trunk and treat  from this past weekend  Our superhero family
The Hulk and Superwoman mom
and their Super power brood
The Trio
 The Duo
 Mr. Middle
Mr. Big

The Museum of the Bible

A special day with a wonderful friend  visiting the Museum of the Bible. 
this is theBible of Martin Luther's pastor- 
Johannes Budenhagen.
I think that Bible marginalia 
is NOT a new thing.

A look at the Bibles connected  to Martin Luther  in the Museum of the Bible.  A very special collection.


Reformation Week. Some new resources  on our Visual Faith Ministry Website. Great resources to use printed  on regular paper and on sticker paper. Different sizes and color palettes. Always a good thing to spend  some time thinking about  Faith ALONE Scripture ALONE and  Christ ALONE.
Here is the link to get our free downloads:

Space for God

A Prayer card I am spending time with this week. Praying over a ministry family  and a congregation celebrating an Anniversary. 150 years! "The Lord, the Lord himself  is my strength and song. He has become my salvation." Praying and coloring. Breathing and praying. Coloring and breathing. Till it all becomes one thing. I am often still amazed at the difference  this practice has made in my prayer life. The Holy Spirit has certainly moved things  around in my life to make  SPACE FOR GOD. Some things have fallen away. Some things have been strengthened in the core. I will always believe there are many  more things that the Holy Spirit is  currently working on in my  sanctification process.   Many things I may never even be aware of in that journey. Ever grateful... " Be still before the Lord,  and wait patiently for hi." Psalm 37:7 RSV
Versicle prayer card from Visual Faith Ministry

Worship into the Week-Persistance

Worship into the Week- Luke 18:1-8 The Persistent Widow

This parable has a framework of prayer.
Our God who gives more than we ask.
Persistance in our prayers and requests.
The Unjust Judge wouldn't listen
 or have compassion on the widow.
Out of frustration or the need to "move on"-
he gave her justice.
We don't know her need.
Does it matter?
She was in need- a time of adversity.
There was a momentum change.
Her suffering was made perfect
 when her request was honored.
She had strength to last.
Another reading was Psalm 121-
where we are reminded that 
our help comes from the Lord.
"The Lord will keep your going out
 and your coming in from
 this time forth and forevermore."

Lord, help me to be more persistant
 in my prayers and sharing my needs with you,
and just being "more present"
 in this amazing relationship. 
In the name of Jesus, Amen.

 Visual Church Year Printable
Junk mail
Magazine cutouts
Colors pencils 
Fine-point Sharpie pen

Set Free

This canvas hugs the wall  on the way to the laundry room. I walk by it numerous times  in a day.  Glance - maybe.  But, today I was just stopped  in my tracks. SET FREE. A crevice just widened. Those few moments became a  couple of minutes as I looked at this  canvas and breathed in the prayer
 of these words. Created  Valued Forgiven Called  Transformed. Oh thank you Lord,  that there is SO MUCH MORE. In this place and time on a  sunny, bright day I can  STAND TALL. For this gift I give thanks,  laundry basket in hand, breath of sweet goodness, of my faithful God. 

Worship into the Week- Healed

Worship into the Week- Luke 17: 11-19  Jesus Cleanses Ten Lepers
On the way to Jerusalem. Jesus passes along  between Samaria and Galilee.  A village- most likely small there in the desert area. That is pretty desolate geography. Probably where you would  put a colony of lepers  so they didn't impact a bigger population. But, at a distance they recognize Jesus. They call out to him. They attribute the term- Master. "Jesus, Master, have mercy on us." Jesus responds to them immediately-  no questions asked. "Go and show yourselves to the priest." And AS they went they were cleansed. There wasn't a class to take,  or a check list of "do-first.  It was immediate relationship and response. God's Unconditional Love embodied  in Jesus reached right into their lives. They were declared altogether beautiful-  just as they were, and after they were cleansed. Jesus treated both body  and soul in one fell swoop. DONE. Enduring Word Bible - #59
I think I grew up as a child  mad at the nine. Th…

Be the Light

Been praying over the Be the Light  Bible Journaling On-Line  Conference that began today. It is sponsored by Bible Journaling Ministries with  Tracie and Lonny Rollins. This new endeavor
  has been a blessing for me. Moving out of my comfort zone  to try something different. How might the Holy Spirit  use this opportunity? It is in His hands. Today there are 4,420 participants 
signed up for the session
 I teach on Friday-
 Introduction to Visual Prayer and the Devotional Life.
Not sure just how many
 will actually be "on board."
Amazing what happens these days 
with technology, 
and the way we can impact others around the world.
We can truly be "deployed digital missionaries."
To God be the Glory!

Enduring Word Bible- Increase our Faith

Enduring Word Bible-#58 Increase our Faith Luke 17: 5-6
I grew up with a mulberry tree  along the ditch bank of our farm. I know I learned about faith  as small as a mustard seed, but I really don't remember  the mulberry tree part of this reading. I think I would have looked  at that tree a bit differently. But, the mustard seed comparison  that Jesus speaks of to his disciples-   is probably spot on for the picture of our faith. Puny, minuscule,  and hard to see most of the time. But, the hope and promise here is very real. That tiny bit of faith in Jesus  has the power to uproot a mulberry tree  and plant it by the sea. That is nothing to shake off
 as futile or worthless.
 We pray for the Lord to increase our faith,
and He answers this prayer.
Imagine what we can move
 as we place our trust in HIM,
and the tiny seed grows....

Visual Church Year Margin
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Worship into the Week- Increase

Worship into the Week Increase our Faith  Luke 17:5-6
Don't we all have days or weeks  when our lament is - "Lord, increase our faith!" When the challenges seem insurmountable  and the setbacks just keep on coming. I need to see the way out. I need to be reminded that I am not  not in charge.  The ONE who created the mulberry tree,  and the ocean holds my days and nights. May He bless me with a faith that increases.
Supplies: Visual Church Year
childrens-bulletin-luke-175 Watercolor pencils Junk mail Magazine cutouts 
Fine-point Sharpie pen

The Reservoir

Beginning a new devotional book right now.  Husband and I plan to do this together--- I may hang out here a bit  and then start together the first of the month. Monday - Friday readings. To be a reservoir and not a canal. Praying this verse into the lives of our family  right now  and especially another family in deep distress.
 Lord, have mercy.  Lord, have mercy. Be with them in darkest of days. Walking into the unknown. Let them know and feel your presence. In the name of Jesus.  Amen.

Worship into the Week-Promise

Worship into the Week- Matthew 18:10-14 The Parable of the Lost Sheep Let the Children Come to Me Matthew 19:13-15 We have guardian angels  that are not like Hallmark innocents. We have the massive power of  supernatural beings that have been placed  to care for and defend us. In these verses I see the love  of our Heavenly Father, for little ones. For the sanctity of life, and the precious gift of children. For to such belongs the Kingdom of Heaven.
We cling to this promise of great hope,
because we have the mighty defenders that
move on our behalf.

Visual Church Year
Colored Pencils
Magazine cutouts 
Washi tape
Junk Mail

Enduring Word Bible- Mini-Billboards

Enduring Word Bible - #57 Luke 10 How Jesus sent people out to the world. In pairs.. with prayer... and go to places of peace.  Learning at a conference right now- how to disciple others to disciple others. Lots to mull over and sometimes I NEED mini-bulletin boards  to help me map out the take-aways for me right now. So I can REMEMBER them better. What helps you take God's Word  with you right into the neighborhood?
Supplies: Colored pencils Micron pen-.005

Scripture Doodles- September

Scripture Doodles  for the month of September. One word or phrase  from the devotions each day. Using the Portals of Prayer devotions  from Concordia Publishing House. Four colored pencils. Time to pray.
In a Traveler's Journal  for easy transporting. Calendar supplied by  Concordia Publishing House. The September devotions were written by Rev. Bryan Hopfensperger.