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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

Worship into the Week- the Cost

Worship into the Week-
The Cost of Discipleship
Luke 14: 25-35

Great crowds gathered and followed Jesus.
This section of Scripture probably
 didn't get into the
 "Greatest Sermons of Jesus" section
 in the weekly news.
I think I would have had 
to think about these words.
Mull them over,
wonder if there was a different way.
What does half-way look like?
Even now, I feel that often, 
my response is remiss in follow through.
I get distracted, 
and always have a boatload of excuses.
Following is easy when the road is smooth.
Challenging when fingers are pointing,
 or whispers get louder.
When we know we are not pleasing people.
But, this is pretty plainly laid out.
It is an all or nothing commitment.

Lord, help me to not swerve
 in the road spots, 
or as the world draws or calls.
I am meant for life of MORE.
 Help me to understand 
that I am a disciple for Life-
 making other disciples for LIFE.

Visual Church Year Project
 Colored Pencils
Magazine cutouts
Junk mail
Washi tape
 Fine-point Sharpie pen


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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

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