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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

Scripture Doodles- July

Scripture Doodles- July 2019 Visual Devotional Practice combined with the reading of  Portals of Prayer- Concordia Publishing House.
A word or phrase taken from  the daily reading  and added to the calendar square  to create the Story Board. What do YOUR DEVOTIONS LOOK LIKE?
This month's author is  Rev. Jonathan Krenz from Moscow, Idaho. Concordia Publishing House calendars  are uploaded each month  in the Visual Faith Ministry-  Facebook FILES.
Visual Faith Ministry FILES

Child of God- Jonah Dalton Wilson

Jonah Dalton Wilson- Baptized at Prince of Peace Lutheran church Springfield, Virginia July 6, 2019 Our daughters with spouses and all of the troops. Seven Grandsons. Jacob Macrina represented  the whole Macrina family- the sponsors of Jonah. Papa and Gigi  with the Wilson Family. Grandma Wilson and Grandpa Wilson  join the little family of five. A fun celebration. They have their arms full. The 6 big boys. Ha!  Shoeless Jack. And now there are Seven. Such joy when they are together. And such chaos.

Baptized by Papa- with the Water and the Word. Claimed as a child of God.

Worship into the Week- The ONE THING

Worship into the Week- Luke 10:38-42 Martha and Mary
Always busy, we are,  much to do. Lists, things to check off. People to care for and serve, But, what is the good? The BEST? the ONE thing. First things first. The right choice. Jesus first. A simple story-  with a very big point to make.
Supplies: Visual Church Year
childrens-bulletin-luke-1042 Watercolors Fine-point Sharpie Magazine cutouts Junk mail

Praying Through A Convention

Sometimes when you are a "Guest" at a Convention  it is a bit challenging to stay engaged. The time together lasts for a week with the inclusion  of the pre-convention floor committees that meet. But, we came armed and dangerous- to Tampa, Florida,  with ready to go Bible verse prayer cards,  colored pencils and sharpeners. We also brought prayer cards right  from the Visual Faith Ministry website. Wives gathered from the Council of Presidents  and the Presidium  of the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod. Simple, doable prayer practices  that helped us with long days of sitting. The cards and coloring help us to pay attention  and deal with distractions as we spent some time in prayer. As I began a prayer card, I asked the Holy spirit  to show me who to pray for at this time. Within five minutes, I got a text that a friend  had just learned of the sudden death  of her 19 year old niece and asked me to pray. When I began the next card, I repeated the same prayer, and once again, in a very short time, …

Enduring Word Bible- All Things

Enduring Word Bible- #50 God's Provision Philippians 4:10-20
In the lean times and in the abundance. God has provided. Paul speaks of being brought low  and how to abound. He has lived the life of a first century Christian,  that still resonates 
with a twenty-first century Christian. But, in all if it- he has learned the secret of facing  "plenty and hunger, abundance and need." Because, the Lord gives the strength.
True then- true now.

Enjoyed playing with colors 
on a margin that wasn't permanent in my Bible.

Enduring Word Bible
using a Margin from CPH
Colored pencils

Downloads and Printables- Marydean Draws

One of the the things 
I am always on the look out  for are Scripture printables that fit into what I have  been working on with the  Well with My Soul project.  That is simply adding Scripture to 4 by 6  tabbed manila index cards  and adding them to a tray holder  in order of the books of the Bible.   (more photos at a later date) I am very excited to be meeting  Mary Hairston of Marydean Draws  at the Visual Faith Summer retreat  this coming weekend in Roanoke, Virginia  and also Melody Hester of Umbrella Prayers. On a car trip to Charlotte last weekend  I had printed out this  set that she will be sharing with the retreat attenders  and had fun adding to index cards with nothing more   than Masking Tape from Staples  and Distress ink on the edges.
Here is a link to her Easy Store:

Stay tuned as I share more
 on the work of this talented artist.

Worship into the Week- Neighbor

Worship into the Week-
Luke 10: 25-37 The Good Samaritan Parable
 I remember this story from childhood
and especially love thinking 
about this story from the perspective
 of the injured man and also the helper.
On healthy days we are the one offering the hand.
On some days we are the recipient.
But, we are always in the symbiotic relationship
 of neighbor and other.
Sometimes we are the one offering help
 and other times we are the receiver. 
The important thing to remember
 is that we must not fall 
into the ladder climb momentum
 and see others always below us
 and thus we are-
always the helper.
It is important to sit back and learn
 about the life spot where others find themselves.
Time to learn from them.
Then be ready to assist, 
as needed,
and then come BACK to check.
Thinking especially about how to model this
 across the border.
 It is our #1priority-
to be good neighbors.

Visual Church Year
Junk Mail
Magazine cutouts


So what is an  LCMS National Youth Gathering? There is a Theme- Real. Present. God. There are nightly mass events. This year it is the US Bank Stadium- home of the Vikings. With over 20,000 of your fellow high school students and great speakers.
TobyMac was the Mass event
 Extra for the first night.
(photo from LCMS NYG Twitter) There are Bible Studies, speakers, interactive fun things to do, hang out space and time  to gather with others from your District. New T-shirts from your alumni college. There are many displays and connection spots. FARM- Family Adventure and Recreational Ministry  highlighted Visual Faith prayer cards  using the theme Psalm for the Gathering.
A favorite speaker was Ashley Paavola.
                                                              (photos from the LCMS NYG Twitter) There was the very cool hands-on  group Creative project led  by Artist- Jeffrey Miller.
The Skit Guys were the Mass Event Extra
 on the Second night.