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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

Worship into the Week- Feed and Tend

Worship into the Week-
John 21:15-17
Along the shore of the Galilee-
 Peter's home territory.
They had finished eating breakfast with Jesus.
An intimate setting and placing 
for the conversation between Jesus and Peter.
We don't really know how-
 but I picture a head nod to Peter from Jesus.
Over here...
Some unresolved things between the two of them.
Peter wanting to fess up, 
and Jesus taking the lead on the conversation.
Then Peter's frustration 
with the seemingly redundant commands.
But, how many times do
 we need to hear the message?
How many times have we 
denied him and turned away?
A reminder to me that in 
these moments of selfishness or fear,
Jesus steps in to say-
just keep doing the right thing.
Follow me.
Tend the sheep.
Feed them.
Disciple them.
So,  who is discipling you?
Who are you discipling?

Printable from Visual Faith Ministry
childrens-bulletin-john-2115-17-5 5 19
 Hymnal page
Recycled greeting card
 Washi tape
Junk mail and magazine cut-outs


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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

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