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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

Gardening with a ROAR!

 So we are learning a few new
 things about gardening.
Gardening with grands that is.
Gardening with grandsons. 
They have introduced a degree
 of experimental ROAR to our endeavors.
Last summer I began the process
 of turning some of the container gardens
 into usable play space for toddlers.
Took some containers that had perennials
 planted and added a few more.
Added some "structural" things 
for hideouts and vantage points for look outs.
This year we planted lettuce in one 
of the gardens on Easter Sunday.
It is coming along nicely.
Then added some moveable "plastic succulents"
from Michaels than can be moved around
 as needed by the little gardeners.
Papa has also taken on vegetable gardening
 with his helper.
A just turned three year old plants one row of seeds
 and then is off to run and play.
They planted radishes on Sunday late afternoon
 and on Tuesday by 10 am they were through the soil
 and parading in a green row.
 even the guarding dinosaurs are amazed.
We plan to make a growth chart 
and measure the changes.
 So some other things around
 in the garden right now-
Top left clockwise-
oenothera- evening primrose, centaurea,
 campanula and late azaleas. 
Top left and clockwise-cranesbill, honeysuckle,
 spirea and baptisia.
 Top left and clockwise- Spiderwort, Oriental lilies, 
 catmint and the last of the peonies.
Some containers planted and gathered 
and just hanging around.
Loving begonias this year!
Always something to water 
around here in the summer.
And they say 95 degrees 
and humid again by next week.
Guess we will just how fast the garden grows!


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