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Lenten Journaling in Community- #1

Meier Boys Birthdays

A Special Celebration in the Meier Household. Jack turned three. Charlie turned one. A morning of heavy rain  moved the party celebration  from the back yard  to the front yard in Canton. Michigan. in May 18, 2019.  It was a DINO ROAR themed party. Always good when there is water play  and sand play at a party. Jack was doing just fine trying out his cake- until they was a loud ROAR  close by that scared him.

Always time to get a snuggle
 with Grandma.

There is so much to give thanks
 for on birthdays.
Good health, grace and growing.
Laughter and stories.
Grandparents and cousins and 
Loving caregivers and friends.
Oh, give thanks 
to the Lord for He is good.
Happy Birthday Meier boys!

Ascension Day

Ascension Day 2019 May 30, 2019 Luke 24: 44-52
This post is a day late-  the electricity went out for 14 hours yesterday into today  with a major storm that came through Northern Virginia. So just now finishing this up. This day might have just slipped by on your calendar. Many churches that used to hold worship  on this day now observe it  on the previous or next Sunday. The resource from the Visual Faith Ministry  website helped me to stop a moment  and reflect on the Ascension. In what could have been a very sorrowful day-  of losing the presence of Jesus-  became a day filled with joy and praise. There was something his disciples  were beginning to understand about His presence. Jesus was with them-  even when his physical presence was not. They left Bethany  "and they worshiped him  and returned to Jerusalem with great joy, and were continually in the temple blessing God." How much of my day do I spend in worship  and blessing God? Such an outright challenge to priorities. So fitting that on this …

Worship into the Week- Overcomer

Worship into the Week- May 26, 2019 John 16:33
Sometimes when I reflect on this verse  the only words of response that I have is- Thank YOU! Take heart- take heart- find ways to secure and  bring courage to my heart. Because the overcomer has done just that-  overcome the world. For me- for eternity. As gift.  No matter what may  befall my days and weeks and years-  no matter what tribulation comes, and it will, I whisper  Thank You  to the overcomer.
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Easter 6

Well, it is Easter 6-  still officially the Easter SEASON. Sometimes it takes me awhile  to collect photos from afar for celebrations. Then time to edit and compile. But since this blog gets published  and printed at the end of each year---  there is still time for the STORY. Here is the Virginia crew  together for Easter 19. Time to check out Easter baskets  and find a few eggs in the yard. Enjoying a meal together  is always a special treat. The girls, their spouses and all 6 grandsons. What a wonderful Easter blessing.  BIL Buds and sisters. Corralling littles - even for a bit. Easter prep time-- oh what fun. Giving thanks for this day of- He is Risen. Each and EVERY DAY. We are very blessed with such grace.

Worship into the Week-Perfect Love

Worship into the Week
A New Commandment
John 13: 31-35
Time for a new thing- 
a new commandment.
Why not Now?
This perfect relationship between 
Father and Son has been glorified.
You will have to figure things
 out without me says Jesus.
You can't come where I am going.
Jesus tells them that 
he has shown them how to love.
Not just talked about it-shown them.
"I have loved you, you are also to love one another.
 By this all people will know 
that you are my disciples,
 if you have love for one another."
Sort of like being put on notice-
 the whole world is watching
 how you love each other.
And in that they will see, or not see, Jesus.
Pretty simple, just very hard to live out.
Help us, Lord.

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Gardening with a ROAR!

So we are learning a few new  things about gardening. Gardening with grands that is. Gardening with grandsons.  They have introduced a degree  of experimental ROAR to our endeavors. Last summer I began the process  of turning some of the container gardens  into usable play space for toddlers. Took some containers that had perennials  planted and added a few more. Added some "structural" things  for hideouts and vantage points for look outs. This year we planted lettuce in one  of the gardens on Easter Sunday. It is coming along nicely. Then added some moveable "plastic succulents" from Michaels than can be moved around  as needed by the little gardeners. Papa has also taken on vegetable gardening  with his helper. A just turned three year old plants one row of seeds  and then is off to run and play. They planted radishes on Sunday late afternoon  and on Tuesday by 10 am they were through the soil  and parading in a green row. Unbelievable!  even the guarding dinosaurs are amazed. We plan to …

Worship into the Week-To Be Known

Worship into the Week- I Am the Good Shepherd John 10:1-18 Psalm 23
The Shepherd who cares for HIs sheep. We the sheep who listen for His voice The Shepherd who welcomes the children. We the sheep live protected in His hands. Because His goodness and unfailing kindness shall be with me  all the days of my life.
Because I am known by my Shepherd.
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Enduring Word Bible- Whoever Believes

Enduring Word Bible- #47
I am the Resurrection and the Life John 11:17-44 Bethany near Jerusalem  and the drama of the death of Lazarus. A personal friend of Jesus. A bit of misunderstanding  by the disciples thinking that Lazarus  was sick and asleep.   Then Jesus tells them that he had died. They had been hanging out across the Jordan,  because the Jews wanted to arrest Jesus. Time to head to Bethany. Jesus reminds Mary and Martha-  that no matter what-  "I am the resurrection and the life.  Whoever believes in me, though he die,  yet he shall he live,  and everyone who lives  and believes in me shall never die."
Jesus was talking about more than earthly life- 
He was giving them eternal perspectives.  Sometimes words need a visual picture. Jesus was setting the stage. We see in this story the deep feelings  that Jesus had for his friend. Jesus wept. They roll away the stone. Lazarus had been dead for three days. Jesus raises him from the dead-  in order that others may believe  that the Father had sent…

The Lost Oenothera

So...  I don't know where the Oenothera went. About a 7 year hiatus. And now they are back. I never replanted them. They just showed up. The Showy Evening  Pink Primrose-Siskiyou        Here and there. Randomly mixed in willy nilly. But, that is a bit how  I garden anyway-- willy nilly. So I will welcome them in the lysimachia. And hovering by the Oriental lilies. And I won't ask if they are  just visiting or staying around.

Enduring Word Bible-Sufficient

Enduring Word Bible - #46

2 Corinthians 12:9
Paul's Visions and His Thorn

We don't know what the thorn was for Paul.
He states that it was significant enough
 to keep him from becoming conceited
because of the greatness of the revelations.
It is hard to understand just what a messenger
 of Satan could be for Paul.
"a thorn was given me in the flesh"
Paul pleaded three times with the Lord to 
remove, take it away.
But the Lord said to Paul-
"My grace is sufficient for you,
 for my power is made perfect in weakness."
Paul saw this as a way to 
give credence to the power of Christ.
He pledges contentment with weaknesses, insults,
 hardships, persecution, and calamities.
"For when I am weak, then I am strong."

So many days it seems that I am so weak.
Even with the strength of Christ, 
I still feel weak.
But, then I am reminded that anything
 of strength and goodness is not of me-
 it surely must be Christ.

Lord, may I remember that in all ways
and at all times that my power
 is …

Here and About- Galesburg, Illinois

The important thing to remember  when traveling about from state to state-- with an intended place for adventure- write it down. Somehow I had the name Geneseo in mind. As we drove through this small Illinois berg-  I realized my mistake. So- on to the next G town. Galesburg. Well, it was getting late - so this is where we got a room  for the night and decided to rest up  and explore a bit in the morning.
Our meal at the local redone Packing House-  was good and in an interesting venue.
The Packinghouse Dining Co There were some places that fit the bill- like the A Word- Antique. The Junk Drawer  was well organized and fun to poke around. Found a vintage Star Wars item  on the 50% off shelf that will go in  the Christmas stash for a grandson.
The Junk Drawer
Loved these signs made from license plates- Saylor's Sign. Now I have the contact person  to make these for all of the young boys. In travels around I have found - Hey Jack! and Charleston.   That took care of one family.  Now for the rest of them!!! A newer…

Mothering Grace

(non-relative- but now "family")
I have collected old photos  of women for a long time. Discarded, dusty and forlorn  stashed in boxes in antique stores. I am always intrigued by the story possibilities  and wondering about the stories lost over time. The mothers and the daughters- love shared and lives entwined.
The stories.... The gift of days spent mothering  in the face of challenges.   Filtering through the heartaches  with outstretched hands  to the days of more golden rays. Loving the littles gathered  as weeks bring them closer to bigs. The exploration of a a world yet without words  but only a point of the finger. Moving to unceasing conversations  and questions. Oh, mothering is so full of grace. Apologies for harsh words  and lost tempers. For moments when a bit of respite  seems almost selfish. When one more "tuck-in" sends you near the edge. These little copycats are watc…